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Melbourne Marquee, Stage & Party Hire Specialists

No job too big or too small

AABCO Events is Melbourne’s quality event hire, party hire, stage hire and marquee hire supplier with over 28 years experience.

If you are planning a party, we can help you with ideas and the equipment you need to make it a great success. Whether your occasion is a large commercial event or a more modest party at home, we can help.

The first decision is the venue.

Do you need a marquee?

If you have an outdoor space but no shelter, you will need a marquee.

We have over 125 marquees in different sizes and styles. All our marquees are well maintained and can be installed by our experienced staff or, in some cases, we offer a DIY installation. In the larger sizes, marquees are heavy, difficult to handle and definitely need professional installation.

Marquees can be set up on any surface. If the surface is lawn or gravel, it can be pegged. On concrete or bitumen, the marquee can be held down with concrete or water weights. Depending on the event, we can supply weight covers with this option to improve the aesthetics of the setup. With this arrangement some shelter from wind is helpful. It is possible to dyna-bolt into concrete if that is permitted and offers strong anchor points for restraints.

Creating an ambience for your party

The lining you use with the marquee has a big impact on the atmosphere you want to create for the event.

White marquee linings look great for weddings and corporate functions. White is bright and clean which works well for a joyous occasion like a wedding.

The alternative is black. Combined with special effects lighting, black marquee linings are a hit for themed functions. They offer something different for a birthday celebration. Great ambience sets the scene for a great party. It can be quite exciting for a visitor to arrive after dark to a well-setup themed marquee.

Some themes we have helped with include The Great Gatsby, Aladdin's cave and a Circus theme. We have also seen a lot of colour themes e.g. green and white. Browsing magazines can be a source of inspiration. If you have the idea, we can help you create the theme.

Which brings us to the other equipment you need for the event.

Party accessories make a difference

If it is a themed event, you will want feature lighting.

Colour can be important. It affects our mood and, shone against an interesting object, stimulates the imagination. We have a great range of lighting options that will help you create the atmosphere you want for your event.

Movement can be encouraged with some special effects.

Stobes suggest activity, excitement and have a long association with "letting go" as in nightclub dancing. What about a mirror ball throwing coloured light around the venue?

In a similar vein, we have "Agitator" which throws coloured squares that move in time with the music. We have other lighting machines, some programmable, that provide similar effects. Ultra violet light can be interesting - you might be surprised how some everyday items look under ultra violet.

Would you like a touch of the dramatic?

What about a smoke machine to attract attention? A burst of smoke will attract attention when it is unexpected. Could that be the introduction you need to allow your speaker to address the gathering? After that, it could accompany the dancing if used sparingly.

Perhaps you want to take your event in a different direction. Vintage and Retro themes are increasingly common ways to make an event different. We have a great range of tables and chairs of yesteryear which, in combination, give the event a great feel. Just mixed with abandon, everything becomes an item of interest because it contrasts with its neighbour.

Maybe for your formal event you are not looking to be particularly different. You want the event to be elegant, in good taste and with a little flair here and there. We have a great range of tables and chairs that can be clothed the way you wish. We can help you with designs for other options if you wish.

There is no doubt the most important element in a successful event is meticulous planning. Great events don't happen accidentally. If you talk to us well before your event, we can help you with both ideas and planning that will make your event truly memorable.

Our comprehensive range of event equipment for hire includes:

AABCO Events can assist you with site layout, power, security, sanitation etc, the one stop shop for weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals etc.

For our Event Consultancy Service please contact Peter on 0418 389 190.