Fencing Hire

Fencing Hire

At AABCO Corporate Events, we have a range of fencing hire including:

  • Picket Fence Hire: White Windsor picket fence with green dark posts in 1100mm high, 2 metre and 1 metre wide panels with gate 1 metre wide.
  • Pool Fence: Galvanized finish, 1150 high x 3 metre wide panels, when practical budget fencing is required.

Aisle Stand Hire (Rope Stand Hire)

VIP chrome rope stands and VIP black ropes (as used in banks and night clubs) where crowd control with class is required. Budget Rope Stand Hire, metal stands and white plastic chain ideal for crowd control where budget is top priority. Expanding Barrier Hire in white and safety red are ideal in areas where a quick solution is required for a temporary safety barrier.

Barrier Hire

We offer a range of barriers and bollards to suit a variety of situations:

  • VIP bollards – chrome
  • VIP bollard ropes – thick black ropes
  • Budget bollards and white chain
  • Picket fence – Windsor, white
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