Lighting Hire

At AABCO Corporate Events we have a wide range of lighting hire for all events.

Stage Light Hire

AABCO Corporate Events recommend Par 56 can lights as a very versatile lighting system that can be used on a stage to light a band, a single speaker, a bridal party, a car or other products for a corporate launch. Par 56 can lights can be used on stands, hung from the roof or on the floor as up lights.

They can be used as white lights or with coloured gels to create atmosphere.

Disco Lights & Special Effects

  • Agitator – coloured squares move in time to music
  • Disco lights on stand – coloured lights that move to the music
  • Laser Light – Green laser music chaser
  • LED Par Cans – colour change (programmable)
  • Mirror Ball – 30cm and 40cm with 2 pin spots
  • Moonlight – different shapes move around the room
  • Strobe Light – flashing white light
  • Ultra Violet – fluroscent light
  • Smoke Machine
  • Bubble machine

Bubble Machine Hire

Great for weddings, kid's parties or just when you want to create a magical theme. Kids and adults love them.

We have 2 sizes available for hire - see below.

Bubble Machine

Approx. Specifications
Tank Size: 300ml
Run Time: 20 - 30 minutes
Room Size: 6m x 6m
Hire price: $ 44.00
Supplied with 1 litre of fluid

Bubble Machine

Approx. Specifications
Tank Size: 400ml
Run Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour
Room Size: 10m x 10m
Hire price: $ 55.00
Supplied with 1 litre of bubble fluid

Party Light Hire

Party lights are a great way to add a festive feeling to any event, can be used in a marquee or outside. Available in clear/white globes or coloured globes.

Floodlight Hire

AABCO Corporate Events have a range of flood lights suitable for inside or outside use ranging from 150 watt, 500 watt to 1,500 watt QI Lights to 120 watt LED Hy Bay and 400 watt Mercury Vapour Hybay lights ideal for larger marquee structures or venues.

Marquee and Clearspan Structure Lighting Hire

AABCO Corporate Events have a large range of marquee and clearspan structure lighting for hire including:

Chinese Paper Ball Lanterns in white or a range of colours or our red and gold silk Chinese lanterns, for that special touch.

Chinese Paper Ball Lanterns are ideal for use as single lights in a small marquee or on mass to create a lovely effect in a larger marquee or clearspan structure and look great when used in conjunction with our silken marquee and clearspan structure linings.

Chandelier Hire

Chandeliers are a great way to light up any marquee or clearspan structure for a wedding or special occasion. Chandeliers can be used to create a classic look or when used in conjunction with Par 56 uplights to create a modern sophisticated function.

Fairy Light Hire

Fairy Lights are mostly used behind a silken lining to create that starry romantic night look that every bride imagines for her wedding. Fairy Lights can also be used to add atmosphere to any garden for an eveing function.

Make Up Mirror Hire

AABCO Corporate Events can provide Makeup Mirror Hire and Cheval Mirror Hire for Fashon shows ,the Film Industry, Music festivals Stage shows any event were a mirror is required on a daily or weekly hire basis.

Drum Light Hire

AABCO Corporate Events latest addition to our lighting range is our retro drum lights. Drum Lights come in a range of colours including plain black, white and our retro white and black pattern. Drum Lights are ideal for any night or day function to add that visual WOW factor. All our drum lights use low energy light bulbs.

Low Energy Light Hire

Low Energy Lights are ideal for general marquee lighting where the main requirements is to light your marquee whether it be for a home party, corporate event or festival marquee.

Low Energy Lights are ideal where there is a large demand for lighting in showing environmental responsibility to your audience and also conserving your power costs.


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